Commercial Video Shooting

Commercial Video

We specialize in capturing high-quality commercial ad films that utilize innovative techniques and creative concepts to make your brand stand out in the market.

Video Portfolio

Spinelief Interview

This interview video for lumbar cushions combines skits and expert explanations to educate the audience about the product. It showcases its features and offers valuable tips for a healthy lifestyle. The video emphasizes the significance of proper lumbar support for physical and mental well-being, enabling individuals to tackle challenges effectively.

Barbie Eyesland

By employing unexpected and humorous plot twists, we engage the audience in laughter while unveiling the true charm and benefits of the product.

Grainlive Commercial

This advertising video deeply enlightens us about how challenges and difficulties in life not only make us weary but also weaken our confidence and determination. However, we should never lose hope because there is a meal replacement beverage that can assist us in overcoming all obstacles, reigniting the flame within and leading us towards the path of success.

Golf City Video

This video is the perfect blend of a restaurant and golf, employing lively music and editing techniques to present a rich and vibrant visual spectacle, providing ample stimulation for your senses.

Real Me

This mobile phone ad breaks the mold with dynamic music, innovative editing, and captivating visuals. It embodies the lifestyle and aspirations of young individuals, showcasing the convenience and limitless potential of mobile phones. It offers a stimulating and enticing experience, transcending conventional product promotion.


The furniture advertisement goes beyond showcasing the beauty of the products. It takes you on a heartfelt journey back to the warmth of home, evoking a profound sense of longing and nostalgia. Through captivating visuals and a touching storyline, it reminds you of the cherished memories and heartfelt emotions associated with home.

EasyNest Video

In the future, my future self travels back to the present through a temporal tunnel and finds my past self experiencing stress and exhaustion. Upon this encounter, my future self recommended EasyNest’s bird’s nest products to my past self, sharing the advantages of bird’s nest for health and beauty, resulting in a sense of surprise and joy for my past self.

Commercial Video

Commercial dramatic advertising employs storytelling, actors, settings, and music to communicate brand or product information, capture audience attention, and evoke a sense of connection. It not only helps audiences remember the brand or product but also fosters emotional resonance, enhancing brand awareness, likability, and ultimately increases sales.

The appeal of dramatic advertising lies in its ability to engage audiences through compelling storylines. Compared to traditional product-centric ads, dramatic advertising effectively showcases the strengths and unique attributes of the brand or product, making it more easily understandable and relatable for audiences.

Moreover, by shaping brand identity and narratives, narrative advertising leaves a lasting impact, increasing audience impressions, loyalty, and word-of-mouth. This advertising approach also enables brands or products to stand out in the market and strengthen their competitive edge.

In summary, dramatic advertising effectively conveys brand or product messages through storytelling and emotional resonance, elevating awareness, likability, and sales. It establishes brand identity and narratives that cultivate loyalty and enhance competitiveness. Choose dramatic advertising to captivate your brand story!

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