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We offer personalized film production services tailored specifically for influencers and content creators. With carefully crafted scripts and top-notch production quality, we showcase their collaborations with brands, increasing exposure and fan engagement.

Video Portfolio

Jorise - BonusLink

This Shell BonusLink advertorial video we shot for Jorise employs lively music rhythms and nostalgic childhood memories to create a vibrant and enjoyable journey. The audience will be taken into a world full of excitement and surprises, experiencing unprecedented joy and excitement.

Perry Kuan - Brands

This advertorial video we produced for Perry Kuan’s Brands beverage not only portrays the product’s characteristics through comedic plotlines but also employs innovative filming techniques and energetic visuals, creating a light-hearted, enjoyable, and pleasing experience for the audience, profoundly resonating with their hearts.

Julene - Vida C

This advertorial video we customized for Julene’s VidaC beverage showcases the product’s characteristics in a light-hearted and memorable way, utilizing unique elements of humor and creative wordplay, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Abiee - Dr. Ring

In the DR Ring advertorial video, we created a captivating and romantic storyline for Abiee, presenting beautiful visuals and emotional performances, evoking a unique sense of romance in the viewers and showcasing the product’s exceptional beauty and precious value.

Muachi - Amour

The advertorial video we produced for Muachi’s Amour New Year gift box not only presents the unique features of the gift box through innovative techniques and heartfelt emotions, but also showcases the longing for home. In the video, we use festive scenes and narratives to portray the emotions and warmth represented by the gift box.

Advertorial Video

The service of capturing content for internet celebrity self-media is an emerging industry that provides a range of creative, production, and content creation services tailored to internet celebrities.  It helps internet celebrities create more exciting content and enhance the viewing experience, thereby attracting more attention and traffic.  Whether you are a personal blogger, short video creator, or self-media platform, we will provide creative and captivating content ideas and program designs to make your work stand out.

We offer a range of services in this industry:

  • Creative Planning: We provide innovative ideas and concepts for internet celebrity self-media, including themes, scripts, and performance styles.
  • Shooting and Production: Our experienced team uses advanced equipment and technology to ensure high-quality video production, covering photography, sound effects, lighting, and more.
  • Service Support: We offer comprehensive support throughout the shooting process, including venue rentals, makeup styling, and actor casting.

Whether you aim to build a personal brand or seek commercial opportunities, our internet celebrity content capture service will help you achieve success.  By gaining higher exposure and more fan support, you can monetize your influence, enhance brand value, and significantly boost the trust in your brand and its products.

Choose us to inject boundless possibilities into your journey as an internet celebrity!  Contact us now and let’s create your own legendary path to internet stardom!

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